Twisted Home Manger

What is a Home App?

A Home App, or sometimes called a “Launcher” is the main UI (User’s Interface) displayed after hitting the Home button. This UI should let you access all of the other features on your Android Device. The reason to change to a new Home App depends on an individuals customization preference on how they would like their device to function and look. If you are familiar with the Desktop terminology then a Home App is Android’s Desktop.

Show Home App memory usage if the Home App is running.

The following options are supported:

  • Clear Default:
    • This action will take you to the Installed App details; which will allow you to select “Clear Defaults”. Then hit the back button to get back to THM.
  • Set Default:
    • This action will bring up a dialog to select an installed Home App and set it as the default.
  • Get Home:
    • This action will bring up a dialog to select Home Apps that are on the Android Market.
    • By making a selection it will take you to the Home App selected on the Android Market.
    • This way it makes it easy for you to try out different Home Apps.
  • Select Home App:
    • By pressing on any given installed Home App it will immediately launch that home app.
  • Long Press Home App:
    • By long pressing on any given installed Home App it will immediately take you to that Home App installed app details.
  • Sort:
    • By pressing Menu you will be presented with sort options.
  • Preferences:
    • Currently the preferences will allow you to change between these themes:
      • Black
      • White
      • Grey
      • Cyan
      • Green
      • Magenta
    • Preferences will also allow you to e-mail and navigate to this blog.

This app has been opened source here: Github Twisted Home Manager

NOTE: If there is a home app that is missing from the list and you feel it should be added then please send an e-mail to

NOTE: Twisted Apps doesn’t support any of the Home Apps which are referenced through Twisted home Manager. Nor does Twisted Apps guarantee that any of these Home Apps will function well on your device. They are only listed for convenience to find them on the Android Market to try them out.

NOTE: Not all Home Apps will appear on your service providers version of the Android Market, sorry.
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