Wallpaper Wizardrii v1.0.4.6

  • Wallpaper Wizardrii v.
  • NOTE: Upon initial install DO NOT select “Open” select “Done” then open the app.
  • We suggest updating to this version if you have version or  We also suggest this version if you ever have images expand on or after a reboot.


· Fixed

  • After version versions & would expand images if you installed them with No Scroll set. This is fixed in version
    • After version WW changed to accommodate Home Apps that do not manager their wallpaper size the same as the Android Default. While making this change an unforeseen path in code was not tested.  IE Installing WW while the previous version of WW set the display to No Scroll.
    • Steps to make sure this is fixed:
      • Install WW from any version to
      • Select Menu->Fix
      • Reboot your device
      • Restart WW and set an image as wallpaper
      • NOTE: This will make sure WW retains the correct Wallpaper size designated by your Home App
  • Open Gallery from the main activity would fail has been fixed.

· Added

  • Nothing to report


· Move to sdcard – some people report when the app is moved to the sdcard that upon reboot WW doesn’t autostart to keep “No Scroll” option. Update: I have looked into this and Android’s current implementation will never allow WW to auto start, sorry. So if you move WW to the sdcard it will not autostart upon reboot. This is a nice work around if you do not want WW to auto start after a reboot.

· WW’s No Scroll option is not compatible with all Home Apps.  If you set No Scroll and get odd behavior then this would indicate that WW is not compatible with you Home App.  Scroll should work with all Home apps.If you want the No Scroll option you can always try another Home App.

· Black screen appears sometimes. This is a bug with Android’s WallpaperManager code. It doesn’t like being called from multiple sources at the same time. If you get this error, try Menu->Fix or try rotating your screen.

· Sometimes after update of MediaStore and selecting an image from the Gallery might force the App to do a complete re-sync with images. If this is the case the Image selected may not appear and you will have to go back to the image via the Gallery again. I will be working on this with the next release.

· Sometimes the directory view will show multiple (same) directories. I am having a hard time reproducing this error to figure out a fix. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. E-mail twistedapps@twistedapps.org, thank you. As a note DO NOTE delete the the images unless you are absolutely sure you have backed up your images. While WW doesn’t delete images people have reported deleting their files and then blaming WW for this action. If you do delete your images see this blog link: http://blog.wallpaperwizardrii.twistedapps.org/2011/12/01/lost-images-recovery-method/

· Sometimes with some devices the Thumbnail displayed within the Gallery doesn’t match the actual file. This is an issue with the MediaStore and not WW. WW tries to passively update the MediaStore if it knows a file has changed. I might implement a new fix which will update the MediaStore directly if I cannot find another fix for this issue. As a work around you can always open up WW from another app like Android’s default Gallery